Here is the complete list of winners at The Game Awards 2023.It took place on December 7th at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles, The Game Awards 2023, was nothing short of a jaw-dropping event.

It was a spectacular night that stretched for 3+ straight hours and was filled with many surprising reveals as well as tough battles between the most prestigious titles of 2023.
We will take a look at the complete list of winners at The Game Awards 2023.

Game of the Year Award

This year, the nominees for the highly coveted GOTY award were all strong contenders and it’s safe to say that they all would have bagged the award given they were released in different years!

Nevertheless, only one could get away with the Game of the Year award and it was no other than the ground breaking Baldur’s Gate 3, the iconic RPG multiplayer game released in mid-2023.

The game also won the awards for Best Multiplayer, Best RPG, and Best Community Support.

Best Game Direction Award

Coming up next is the Best Game Direction Award. Besides GOTY, this award is also one of the most sought-after in any of The Game Awards events.

While there were many contenders for Best Game Direction this year, Alan Wake 2 simply left others eating away at its dust, largely thanks to the UE5 game engine. It went on to fetch the Best Game Direction Award and that, too, without much competition.

Best Narrative Award

When it comes to game development, just like game direction, game narration is also very crucial. A game without a strong narrative is like a body without a soul.

Among the contenders for the Best Narrative Award this Game Awards 2023, Alan Wake 2 came out on top yet again. It is a masterpiece of storytelling and immersion where it artistically blends two realities; one of mystery and one of horror; in a seamless and bewitching manner.

Best Art Direction Award

Art direction in video games creates a visual identity for games that helps to deliver their message and emotion through scenes. This makes the Best Art Direction Award one of the most sought-after awards at any of The Game Awards events.

This year, Alan Wake 2 managed to grab the Best Art Direction Award. Apart from the top-notch creative designing that went into the development of this game, the in-built support for ray tracing did much to put the cherry on top.

Best Score/Music Award

Among many factors, in-game music plays a pivotal role in making a game popular among fans. A very recent example to quote here is Final Fantasy 16 itself, the winner of the Best Music Award at The Game Awards 2023 event.

The game’s music has garnered critical acclaim for itsmesmerizing classical soundtrackwith influences from medieval and folk music, perfectly reflecting the dark and gritty tone of the game’s story.

Other Game Awards

And that’s not even the end of the picture yet! Many other awards were granted at the Game Awards 2023 event. Below is a quick summary of the remaining awards and their winners:

1.Best Audio Design – Hi-Fi Rush
2.Best (Actor) Performance – Neil Newbon (Baldur’s Gate 3)
3.Best Game for Impact – Tchia
4.Best Ongoing Game – Cyberpunk 2077
5.Best Indie Game – Sea of Stars
6.Best Debut Indie Game – Cocoon
7.Best Mobile Game – Honkai: Star Rail
8.Best Community Support – Baldur’s Gate 3
9.Best VR/AR Game – Residetn Evil Village
10.Best Innovation in Accessbility – Forza Motorsport
11.Best Action Game – Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon
12.Best Active/Adventure Game – The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
13.Best RPG – Baldur’s Gate 3
14.Best Fighting Game – Street Fighter 6
15.Best Family Game – Super Mario Bros. Wonder
16.Best Sports Game – Forza Motorsport
17.Best Sim Game – Pikmin 4
18.Best Multiplayer Game – Baldur’s Gate 3
19.Best Content Creator of the Year – IronMouse
20.Best Esports Athlete – Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok
21.Best Esports Coach – Christine “potter” Chi
22.Best Esports Event – 2023 League of Legends World Championship
23.Best Esports Game – Valorant
24.Best Esports Team – JD Gaming
25.Most Anticipated Game – Final Fantasy Rebirth
26.Best Adaptation – The Last of Us
27.Best Player’s Voice – Baldur’s Gate 3
And there you go! The complete list of the winners at The Game Awards 2023.