Elden Ring throws you into a sprawling world brimming with danger and wonder.

Elden Ring

Elden Ring throws you into a sprawling world brimming with danger and wonder. Here we’ll break down all ten Elden Ring classes and help you find the perfect one to match your fighting style.

So sharpen your blades, gather your wits, and let’s dive into the world of Elden Ring classes.


The Vagabond class is a versatile warrior specializing in one-handed sword and shield combat. This is the ideal class for beginners. The Vagabond class offers strong defense, good magic resistance, and adaptability in close-quarters battles.

The focus on one-handed weapons allows players to withstand enemy assaults while delivering reliable attacks.


The Warrior class is a dexterity-focused fighter with a focus on dual blades, ensuring swift attacks in light armor. The Warrior class demands skillful combat with a focus on speed and finesse. This is the ideal class for those who enjoy engaging foes with rapid, calculated strikes.


The Hero class is a powerful tank that wears heavy armor and uses massive, slow-hitting weapons. This is the ideal class for those who enjoy absorbing hits and dealing serious damage.

The Hero class excels in situations requiring resilience and sheer power, making it a choice for slow and deliberate combat.


The Bandit class blends melee and ranged combat with throwing knives, bows, and quick daggers. This is the ideal class for surprise attacks and hit-and-run tactics.Its versatility requires strategic play.

With the ability to switch between close and ranged combat, the Bandit class offers a dynamic playstyle for those who enjoy varied engagements.


The Astrologer class excels in Glintstone Sorcery, delivering effective ranged attacks. It requires mana management and strategic positioning for optimal magical potential.

The Astrologer class is a compelling choice for those who want devastating magical abilities and finesse in ranged combat.


The Prophet class is a faith-based spell caster who uses incantations for healing and potent fire attacks. This is the most challenging class for beginners. The Prophet class offers a unique blend of support and offense.

Effective in both healing and offensive magic, it’s the best choice for a hybrid playstyle.


The Samurai class excels in katana combat with strong stance attacks. This is the most versatile and strategic class. The Samurai class adapts to different scenarios, appealing to those who want a good mix of close and long-range combat.


The Prisoner is a hybrid class, blending intelligence and dexterity for spells and swift melee attacks. Balancing magical and physical combat it offers flexibility for adapting to challenges.

The Prisoner class is for those who appreciate synergy between magical prowess and nimble melee, players can experiment with diverse skills for tailored strategies.


The Confessor class specializes in faith and strength, blending versatile incantations with melee combat. It balances both offense and defense. The Confessor class seamlessly switches between divine spells and close-quarters fighting for adaptability and diversity.


The Wretch class is a blank slate, starting with all stats at 10. This offers maximum build flexibility for experienced players to craft a character aligned with their playstyle. The Wretch class has no predefined equipment, and this allows players to make their own custom class and playstyle.


In the realm of Elden Ring classes, each one offers a unique playstyle, from the resilient Vagabond to the agile Warrior and mighty Hero.

Whether using strategic Bandit tactics or harnessing potent Astrologer spells, every class offers a unique narrative in Elden Ring’s vast world.

As you embrace challenges and savor victories, remember that Elden Ring is more than a game.  It’s a personalized odyssey where you set the pace.