Zelda: How to Acquire the Legendary Master Sword in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.


On your journey in Zelda,Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll encounter a pivotal moment where Link loses the corrupted form of the iconic Master Sword early on.

But fear not, as the beloved blade can be reclaimed in all its glory with a bit of guidance. Tracking down the Master Sword, however, is no simple task—it’s a moving target, requiring either luck or a strategic approach.

TLocating the Master Sword

The Master Sword finds itself lodged in the head of the elusive Light Dragon. Dragons in this game are not static; they roam freely, and the Light Dragon, in particular, has an expansive territory.

While sightings near the Great Sky Island are common, reports suggest appearances in the Akkala, Necluda, Gerudo, and Hebra regions as well.

To identify the Master Sword, watch for a distinctive yellow and blue glow emanating from the dragon’s head. This glow signifies the presence of the legendary weapon. For a more foolproof method, utilize the camera obtained during the Depths quest. When zooming in, the dragon’s name will appear, ensuring you’ve found the elusive Light Dragon.

Best Approaches to Finding the Light Dragon

1. Skyview Tower Strategy

Scout for the nearest Skyview Tower and launch Link from there to swiftly reach the Light Dragon. The Wind Temple’s ability enhances Link’s gliding speed, aiding in reaching the dragon effortlessly.

In the absence of a nearby tower, keep an eye out for falling rocks that can be recalled to ascend to the sky.

2. Stamina Considerations

Armed with the knowledge of the Light Dragon’s location, you can venture to claim the Master Sword. However, be forewarned: two full stamina bars are prerequisites to extract the sword from the dragon’s head. Temporary stamina boosts won’t suffice, necessitating a visit to Shrines for additional stamina orbs.

3. Emergency Shelter at Looking Landing

An alternative route involves a visit to the Emergency Shelter at Looking Landing. Here, interact with the dark statue to exchange Link’s heart containers for more stamina.

Each exchange costs 120 Rupees, but with reimbursement of 100 Rupees per traded heart, the net expense is a mere 20 Rupees per stamina bar.

Making the Ascent

Once you’ve pinpointed the Light Dragon’s location and prepared Link with the necessary stamina, it’s time for the ascent. Launch Link from the chosen Skyview Tower, utilizing the Wind Temple’s enhancement for a swift glide. In the absence of a convenient tower, keep an eye out for falling rocks, leveraging Recall to ascend to the skies.

Claiming the Master Sword

Approaching the Light Dragon, you’ll witness the Master Sword proudly embedded in its head. To extract the sword, ensure Link possesses the required two full stamina bars. Temporary stamina boosts won’t cut it, emphasizing the importance of prior Shrine visits to bolster Link’s endurance.

Stamina Adjustment at Emergency Shelter

The Emergency Shelter at Looking Landing offers a solution for those seeking an alternative method. Engage with the dark statue, initiating an exchange of heart containers for stamina.

While each exchange costs 120 Rupees, the reimbursement of 100 Rupees per heart traded means a minimal expense of 20 Rupees per stamina bar.

Final Thoughts

Navigating the vast world of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, reclaiming the Master Sword is a thrilling adventure.

With a strategic approach, a keen eye for the Light Dragon’s whereabouts, and the necessary stamina preparations, Link can once again wield this legendary blade.

Whether you opt for the Skyview Tower route or the Emergency Shelter exchange, the Master Sword awaits, promising enhanced power and the embodiment of Hyrule’s legendary hero.