Lethal Company Survival Tips: From Scrap to Starships.

Welcome, cosmic scavengers! Join Lethal Company in a world of scarce air, demanding quotas, and creatures with superior dental coverage.

Grab your plasma cutter, hop on your duct tape and dreams spaceship, and prepare for danger on lunar junkyards.

Face Lurkers, Shriekers, and a colossal Apex Predator. Here is a comprehensive Lethal Company guide to aid you in your travels.

Bestiary of Lethal Company:

Lethal Company monsters are created straight from nightmares. Being aware of all the monsters in Lethal Company is a must for survival. Here is a short Lethal Company bestiary to guide you in your travels.


Scavengers have mandibles and a chilling shriek; stay alert for packs.


Dark, spectral horrors disorient prey; use flares to silence them swiftly.

Apex Predator:

Legendary, obsidian-skinned foe; employ traps and alliances for survival.

Snare Fleas:

Agile pests with immobilizing webs; stomp them quickly.

Bunker Spiders:

Eight-legged nightmares in forgotten facilities; light them up and unleash heavy artillery.

Eyeless Dogs:

Pack-hunting scavengers; lure them into hazards or coordinate fire volleys.  Adapt, study prey, exploit weaknesses, and collaborate for survival. In Lethal Company, knowledge is your shield.

Tools of the Trade:

In Lethal Company, gear means survival on the scrap moons. Familiarize yourself with these important tools.

Plasma Cutter:

Slice debris and upgrade for efficiency. Use secondary fire for stunning or special ammo for diverse threats.

Flare Gun:

Illuminate paths, blind foes, and lead creatures into traps. Vital for escape and precision shots.


More than a ship—a lifeline. Expand hold for resources, set defenses, and fine-tune for swift getaways. Time is of the essence.

Mastering the Terminal: 

The Lethal Company terminal is a key to your survival. Mastering the ins and outs of it will help you immensely in meeting your quotas. Here are the most helpful uses of the Lethal Company terminal.

Resource Radar:

Scan for valuable resources, optimize routes, and become the crew’s resource expert.

Crafting Mastermind:

Unlock potent tools like EMP grenades and stealth generators. Experiment and craft for victory.

Environmental Puppeteer:

Bend the moons to your will—trigger cave-ins, activate defenses, and manipulate hazards.

Hidden Gems:

Hack drones, activate turrets, and manipulate communication channels. Explore the terminal’s hidden depths for an edge.

Tips and Tricks:

The world of Lethal Company is filled with danger. Here are a few Lethal Company tips to get you started in your resource scavenging journey.

  1. Scout walls for wealth, not just monsters.
  2. Upgrade your scanner for a resource radar.
  3. Negotiate with drones; trigger cave-ins and activate defenses.
  4. Grab “Extended Storage” for more resources per trip.
  5. Use environmental hazards to draw monsters or distract with defenses.
  6. Seek hidden caches and bonus objectives for extra resources.
  7. Master advanced crafting and tailor tools to specific threats.
  8. Dive into custom commands for expanded possibilities.
  9. Use the terminal to understand enemies and exploit weaknesses.
  10. Stay vigilant; the terminal evolves with updates and discoveries.
  11. Resourcefulness is key—combine scraps, repair tools, use the environment.
  12. Communication and teamwork are vital for survival.
  13. Experiment and embrace risks; unconventional tactics often yield grand rewards.


Well done, recruit! You’ve tackled the quota, dodged death for another trip around the moon.

Now, brace yourself for more corporate nightmares, because on the scrap moons, there’s always a new quota, another monster, and endless reasons to shout into the emptiness.

Just keep in mind, at least the view is pleasant (if you overlook the occasional tentacle creeping across the horizon).

Until next time, recruit, and may your plasma cutter keep on buzzing!