Outcast – A New Beginning: 2024’s Most Anticipated Sci-Fi Game.

Outcast – A New Beginning: 2024’s Most Anticipated Sci-Fi Game.  If you love sci-fi adventure gaming, it’s time to gear up for the hottest upcoming game of 2024. The 1990’s award-winning adventure game Outcast is back with a bang.

Appeal Studio and THQ Nordic are releasing its long-awaited sequel, ‘ Outcast: A New Beginning’ on the 15th of March 2024.   Considering the last edition was released in 1999, it’s has been a big gap of 25 years.

The 1999 cult classic is known for pioneering open-world gaming. But don’t worry if you have not played the 1999 original, you can still enjoy the sequel on its own. Read on to find out what the game has to offer.

Be it the jet play mechanics, alien worlds, mysterious creatures, or robots, let’s start!

Outcast Storyline Recap

There is good news for Outcast fans. The original protagonist Cutter Slade is featured in the sequel ‘A New Beginning’ too.

He is the same ex-Navy SEAL with a dry wit. But this time he sets his feet in the world of Adelpha which has completely changed.

Outcast Storyline Recap

Resurrected by the Yods, when he returns to Adelpha he finds Talans there. But there is a problem.

They are being enslaved by the invading robots.

These ruthless robots have caused havoc in the Adelpha stripping it of its natural resources. It’s time Cutter rises to the occasion. He must take up a mission to save the planet when it needs him the most.

He needs to team up with Talans and free them of invading robots once and for all. He will act as a savior sent to save the alien world of Adelpha.

Why the Name Outcast 2 was Dropped?

Do you know that the sequel to Outcast 1999 was announced back in 2021? It was named as Outcast 2.

But the number 2 was soon dropped by the developers. The gap between the last and future editions was almost a quarter of a century. There is a possibility that many gamers of the current generation may not have played the 1999 edition.

So the developers thought that naming it as Outcast 2 made the game less approachable. They renamed it ‘Outcast – A New Beginning’ to emphasize the fact that if you have not played the 1999 original or even don’t know the story, you can enjoy this game to its fullest.

Outcast – A New Beginning Combat Trailer


A combat trailer was revealed on 16th November 2023. It showcased the immersive gameplay driven by sheer dynamic and strategic elements.

The trailer also shows a range of weapons on display with the provision to modify them on the fly. The thrills of an open-world game can be felt straight away. You have powerful modern gadgets at your disposal as well as ancient powers.

You can also tame wild animals to your advantage and use them to fight ruthless robots.

The intense battle of driving invaders back can be seen in the trailer. It looks more like a guerilla-style warfare. If you want to check out the intense combat adventure we are talking about, watch the new trailer here.

Appeal Studio is developing Outcast – A New Beginning which will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Mark your calendars as 15th March is just months away now.

For PC enthusiasts, the recommended system requirements are Windows 10, 64-bit, 16 GB RAM, and Version 12 of Direct X.

Combination of Modern Weapons and Ancient Powers

The gameplay is exciting from a combat point of view as it offers a range of 30 weapon modules. You can try different combinations as per your style and imagination.

Your gun will behave differently under each unique combination, so you have a lot to try out!

Cutter Slade is equipped with a shield to defend or even attack as an offensive weapon. He traverses on his jetpack through Adelpha.

The jetpack lets him travel quickly. There are a lot of upgrades on offer as you progress through the game. The jetpack not only helps traverse but also helps in intense combat sessions.

If we talk about ancient powers harnessed by Cutter, we can’t skip the mention of Talan powers. By completing different quests and side missions, Cutter keeps himself equipped with such powers.

This includes anti-gravity or harnessing flying creatures to drop bombs on ruthless enemies. In the alien world of Adelpha, these look like natural powers. Isn’t it amazing?

The more quests you finish, the stronger you become

Combination of Modern Weapons and Ancient Powers

The surprising and mysterious world of Adelpha, hidden temples, and dangerous wildlife are enough to keep you hooked for hours!

Final Words

With a range of weapons on offer, interesting upgrades, mysterious aliens, and ruthless robots, Outcast – A New Beginning feels like a breath of fresh air in the sci-fi theme.

The character of Cutter Slade helps to add a bit of witty humor in the intense storyline.

All in all, the game looks massive on its own.

But will it be a proper sequel to the 1999 cult classic?

We still have to wait for a few months.