Star Wars Outlaws: This Is Going To Be The Best Star Wars Game Ever!

Star Wars Outlaws: This Is Going To Be The Best Star Wars Game Ever! Star Wars fans are in for a real treat this year because the first-ever open-world game from the Star Wars franchise is about to hit the shelves.

Here’s a complete breakdown of everything we know about Star Wars Outlaws to help you get up to speed before the game’s release.

You’re probably more eager to learn when the game will officially launch, so we’ll get that out of the way first. Based on the latest info on the release date, Star Wars Outlaws is all set to launch in 2024.

However, when exactly in 2024 is anyone’s guess because Ubisoft hasn’t revealed anything yet except that it will launch in 2024.

Fortunately, we know that Ubisoft likes to release their most hyped titles later in the year, somewhere around October or November.

We can assume that would be the case with Star Wars Outlaws, but we can’t be sure until Ubisoft makes any announcements confirming the release date.

Star Wars Outlaws Platform Support

As far as platform support is concerned, Star Wars Outlaws isn’t going to launch as an exclusive title. The game will be available for the Play Station 5, Xbox Series X, and Windows at lunch.

So, those of you wondering whether you’ll have to switch devices to play the game, you can rest assured that you’ll be good if you have either of the three mentioned.

Star Wars Outlaws Setting

As you’ve probably guessed from its name, Star Wars Outlaws takes place in the Star Wars universe. As for when on the Star Wars timeline, the events of Star Wars Outlaws occur somewhere between “The Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi.”

The game is set in Toshara, an arid moon in the Toshaal system covered in windswept plains and canyons.

Star Wars Outlaws Gameplay

There haven’t been any confirmations on Star Wars Outlaws having a multiplayer game mode, so it’s safe to assume that the game will be single-player only. It will take you on a third-person role-play action adventure in a massive open-world setting.

Hop on your spider, whip out your blaster, dive straight into the action, and take off with your loot as you lose those bounty hunters chasing you. Think of it as a GTA game set in the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars Outlaws Story

Kay Vess, the protagonist of this Star Wars adventure, is an outlaw on her way toward pulling off one of the biggest heists in the Outer Rim. As we’ve seen in the official reveal trailer, she has a bounty on her head, with bounty hunters always on her tail, and this heist is the one thing that will get her out of whatever mess she’s in.

As for how it all plays out, we’ll have to wait for the game to release.


Star Wars Outlaws is all set to launch in 2024, but when exactly in 2024 hasn’t been confirmed.

However, it will likely be released near the end of 2024, maybe in October or November.

From what we’ve seen in the reveal trailer, Star Wars Outlaws will likely be amazing!! A must play for both, RPG and Star Wars’ fans alike.