Valorant: Best Weapons Tier List (2023 Updated) Valorant is one of the most popular shooting titles ever to grace the planet.


Valorant: Best Weapons Tier List (2023 Updated) Valorant is one of the most popular shooting titles ever to grace the planet. It features some of the most unique characters with varying abilities.

But what about guns? With 17 guns on the roster, which one should you choose while fighting some of your most intense battles?

Let’s find out!

Vandal is easily the best weapon in Valorant due to a plethora of reasons. It is a rifle that can one-shot to the head at any given range and kill the opponent. While it is a bit harder to control due to its recoil, the reward for learning to use Vandal outweighs its cons.

It is priced at 2900 credits, which is still less than the Operator Sniper, and can still kill any opponent that comes your way. Vandal is more of an advanced weapon but if you’re new to the game, you should try Phantom out.


When it comes to the king of Snipers, we have Operator. Being the gun with the longest range and the most damage, it costs a lot. You can only acquire Operator after spending 4700 credits. While it is still slower than Vandal due to being a sniper, the wall penetration abilities of the Operator are high.

I suggest you use the Operator if you’re someone who likes to aim from the range while protecting the teammates. The operator works both offensively and defensively and even does 120 damage to the legs.


Phantom is the best beginner rifle in Valorant as it costs less, has minimal recoil, and does decent damage to the opponents. The suppressor on the barrel helps stabilize the gun, and you can also spray through smoke without revealing your location.

Phantom costs 2900, the same as Vandal, so if you’re not someone who can control Vandal, then Phantom will be the best gun for you.

A-Tier Guns


Guardian is one of the strongest guns in Valorant and can be shot to the head at any range, similar to Vandal. However, it is not a spray or burst type opponent but is made solely for precision shooting.

It costs less than a Vandal at 2250 and can do relatively more damage at the longer range if you are a precision shooter. Reward players with good aim can go head to head against Vandal or Phantom in the long-range battling scenarios.


Odin is one of the most expensive yet worth it machine guns to get especially when there’s a lot of head in the battle. It costs 3200 credits and has a total of a hundred rounds that you can spam without stopping.

If you’re someone who likes to rush and push, then Odin is going to be the perfect choice for you. However, rushing can also cause quite a problem since Hip Fire on this gun is not the most accurate, so playing defensive will be great, too.


Specter is the most value-to-money SMG you can buy in Valorant. Only costing 1600, it is the most purchased A-Tier weapon in the history of the game. Spectre also has a suppressor which brings down the noise and hides your location.

However, the biggest benefit is its price tag. It is often purchased mid-round where most people are trying to save money.


Classic might not be the strongest gun, but it’s free. Every agent spawns with Classic, and it is a good gun until you have more than 800 credits in your bank. However, the biggest benefit of Classic is when you press the right-click button on your mouse.

It will shoot three bullets simultaneously with heavy spread, and one shot enemies to death.


Sheriff is another great sidearm that you can use unless you have the money for Spectre. It might be the best sidearm in the game due to its heavy damage. If you have a good aim, then this gun will provide you with the most rewards, and one-tapping opponents will get you a kill.

B-Tier Guns


Bulldog is the most underrated rifle in the game. It is a great alternative to other guns if you don’t have enough credits. It only costs 2050 and can deliver great results. Once you turn on the scope, the gun turns into a three-shot weapon.


Marshall is a mini sniper that costs just around 950 credits. It is a quick sniper, and one shot to the head can get the enemies killed. Marshall can one-shot kill to the head at any distance, and players can perfect their aim to make the most out of this weapon.


Ares costs 1600 and works just like a mini Odin. It doesn’t have the same number of rounds, but it does support you if you play defensively. Ares has high damage penetration through the walls and can be spammed in most cases.


If you’re a precision player, then Ghost will be your perfect sidearm. It is a perfect pistol with great accuracy. It is just priced at 500, and most people buy Ghost to buy low armor so they can save money, get armor, and slay the round.


Frenzy might not be the best gun, but it is a great sidearm. It works just like an SMG but is actually a gun. So, whenever you are in pistol rounds, and need a great gun for close range, Frenzy would be your best friend.


Judges are one of the most hated and loved weapons simultaneously. It is extremely good at close range and bad at long range. It is priced at 1850, so you can get other guns like Stinger. But with proper positioning, Judge can be a great gun for you.

C-Tier Guns


Stinger only costs around 950 but has the worst reputation in the game. Why? It has one of the most unstable shooting experiences and doesn’t damage opponents much. Only if you’re in close range can you benefit from this SMG.


Bucky is a decent shotgun in the game which is suitable only for close range. But if you press right-click, you can also shoot medium-range opponents. It is not the most reliable gun, but still contains great results in close combat.


Shorty might seem like a shotgun, but it comes under the sidearm category. It might be the worst gun in the history of Valorant because it is extremely inefficient in most cases. That is one of the reasons why it costs 150 credits.

Final Verdict

Valorant has a plethora of guns that some people like while others hate.

But when it comes to the best gun ever, it is either Operator, Vandal, or Phantom. Mainly because of their utility, the price bracket, and the benefit they provide in battle scenarios.

Again, this list is based on how strong a gun is and how good it performs in battle. You can test out all the guns to see which suits you best.