• Filtered – “INTERNSHIPS” 75%.
  • Filtered – “JOBS” requiring experience 25%.
  • Filtered – No job posted is over a day old.
  • Filtered – Algorithms speed and shorten job search.
  • Jobs are cherry picked & handed on a platter.

Algorithms will post only those jobs still unfilled by employers.

In most conventional job searches you will constantly be pulling up jobs that were already filled weeks earlier.  And you only find that out after you have spent an hour filling out the job application online.  Then you are ready to throw your laptop or smart phone across the floor.

  1. All internship/job positions are updated daily & in real time 24/7.
  2. These are all positions  relevant to your college degree.
  3. Algorithms are working to identify  those positions that are designed for new college graduates with little or no experience.
  4. This will help you to shorten your search time.

You are sitting at Starbucks  and you are on your 2nd latte.  The cost of 2 lattes is about 10 dollars.  And you have just spent an hour filling out a job application  or an internship application that you were so excited about.

You spend often about an hour filling out just one internship or job application.  That hour of your precious valuable time  you could have spent drinking those lattes with your friends in the coffee shop.  Or you could have spent that hour studying.

And then after an hour and just as you are finished filling out the application you notice that the job is over 3 months old & probably filled a long, long  time ago.  Maybe before you were born.

On site algorithms only pull those internships or  jobs that have been posted by the employer in the last 24 hours.  That definitely saves time.  And head aches.